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Mar-18-2017 10:35:35 AM - Server update!

Hello admin of
We successfully moved our website to new server! It may take some time until you will see result because of DNS update.
If you want to speed up this process pleas try:
1. Turn OFF and ON your web browser. You can also try turn OFF and ON your computer.
2. Clear your browser or use incognito mode.
3. Setup Google DNS on your computer.
4. Turn OFF and ON your internet router.
5. Change your web browser or download new one which you never use to open

Please share this information with your friends.
Also if you still have a problem you can join to our Facebook group here:

Mar-17-2017 10:44:38 PM



Mar-8-2017 07:14:29 AM

3% Hourly For 34 Hours - New Plan added - Instant Withdrawals

Hello hyipnew, We are glad to inform you about great news that we have started a new plan for you, now you are able to make money through 3% Hourly For 34 Hours plan. All the withdrawals are instant as usual. You can make money without any hesitation.

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If you are having questions regarding our program features, please do not feel hesitate to contact us.

Public Profit

Feb-22-2017 06:16:28 PM


HYIPNEW.COM is glad to present to you new brand our monitor.We hope all of my dear enjoy it!
Best Regards!

Admin of HYIPNEW.COM Monitor

Feb-15-2017 09:11:06 AM

About Our Account

Our Perfect Money is U2815171, Payeer is P12033224, Advcash is U 5265 2005 0372, Bitcoin is 3CrUWzmSQUrLYS1UBTkHKGE5J9KAbEoDaL.If you still have any questions about Listing, Advertisement,... please feel free to contact me at:
- Skype:
- Icq: 601754809
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Feb-15-2017 08:59:20 AM